All of our Weight Equipment is Made in the USA!



Include Olympic Bench Press, Incline Bench Press, Preacher Curl Bench, Incline Benches, Flat Benches, Triceps Bench, and Standing Preacher Bench



Include Leg Press Machines, Hack Squat Machines, and Calf Machines


Arms and back

Includes Smith Machines, Bar Dip, Olympic Shoulder Press, and T-Bar Row Machines



Include Hyper Extension Roman Chair, Leg Raise, Sit Up Boards, Decline Roman Chair, AB Crunch Bench, and 45 Hyper Bench



Include Squat Racks, Portable Squat Racks, Hydrahlic Squat Racks, Spotter Stands, Weight Tree, Dumbbell Racks, and Barbell Racks


Power Line

Include Power Rack (Cage), Power Olympic Bench Press, Power Olympic Incline Bench Press, Power Shoulder Bench Press, Power Seated Calf, Power Standing Calf, Power Flat Bench, Power Incline Bench, and Power Triceps Bench


Selectorized Equipment

Include Cable Crossover, Leg Curl Machines, Leg Extension Machines, Lat Pull Down Machine,  Peck Deck Machine, Standing Calf Machine, Cable Curl Machine, and Custom Built Universal Machines


Power Lifting Items

If you are into Power Lifting then you will want to browse the power lifting area. If you are looking for products such as Power Racks, Rubber Plates, Squat Racks, Heavy Duty Power Racks, 1 1/4 lb. Olympic Plates, 1/2 lb. Weight and more then you are in the right place.


Catalog Download & Info

Download or Print your own catalog complete with color photos of equipment and prices. If you want to be E-mailed about sales or updates then fill out the E-mail info and choose what info you would like to receive. 

Used Equipment

There are times we come across or recieved used equipment and we will place it here.

Be sure and check back every now and then to see if we have something that you may be interested in.