P06 - Power Rack with Pull Up Bar Open Base Style

Open Base Style

P06 - Power Rack with Pull Up Bar Closed Based Style

Closed Base Style

Power Rack Hook Side View

Side View of Hook


Power Rack



Pull Up Bar


1 Set of Hooks


1 set of Safety Bars


You have endless amount of exercises you can do with this unit and with the safety of the bars it makes it even more desirable. You can do Squats, Pull Ups, Curls, Shoulder Presses, and with an Adjustable Flat Bench you can do Bench Presses, Incline Presses and always using the Safety Bars and Much More!


Catches are attached with a coarse threaded 1" bolts that can be adjusted with no Tools


Inside Dimensions are 33" X 42"

Height is 91 1/2" (this can also be changed)

Open Base Style Holes start at 16 1/2" to 70 1/2" from ground to center of hole Holes are 3" center to center.

Closed Base Style (wood flooring) Holes start at 14 1/4" to 68 1/4" from ground to center of hole. Holes are 3" center to center.

You can add holes, deduct holes, change the spacing of holes. It may add a small fee depending on changes.

Main Frame is 3" X 1 1/2" X 3/16" Thick Channel

Fully Welded Frame



Choice of Open Base or Plywood closed Covered Base - No Cost Change


Extra Set of Hooks $50.00


Chrome Knurled Pull Up Bar $50.00


Each set of additional holes will add $5.00


Price includes:


Choice of White or Black Powder coating

(custom colors available)