S01 - Cable Crossover

Cable Crossover
100 lb. Weight Stack Per Side



Ballet Bar for working Inner or Outer Thighs or Single arm rows

Both top and bottom swivel so they are always aligned

NO cable change to use the lower or upper pulley, Just hook up and go!


Unit Bolts together with 3 Parts

Main Frame is  2 X 2 X .120 Square Tube

Fully Welded Frame


Price includes:


2 - Single Pull Handles


2 - Leather Ankle Straps


2 - 100 lb. Weight Stacks


Choice of White or Black Powder coating

(custom colors available)




Ivanko Revolving Curl Bar for Cable Curls-Press Downs $47.00


Ivanko Revolving Straight Bar for Press Downs $37.00


Ivanko Triceps V Bar for Press Downs $37.00


Ivanko Triceps Rope for Press Downs - AB Crunches $35.00


Vary Weight Stack Size (call for prices)