Jaime is using a Double Utility Jug Rack so he can use his jack.

Photo with 2 Double Utility Jug Racks and a Custom Hydro Trailer Rack.

Jack is using a Jaz Triple Utility Jug Rack in Black with Purple Jugs.

Rick & Lisa are using 2 Jaz Double Utility Jug Racks on there trailer. They are quoted in saying  "They kick ***, great product, saved the back of my rodeo smelling like gas, now it just smells like a wet dog thanks to our new puppy! Well worth the investment."

Mary is using a Jaz Triple Utility Jug Rack with Yellow Jugs.

Bill is Using his Double Utility Jug Rack to get the kids out of the car (Just Kidding if he really did that I would recommend using a lock first). 

Mark's has plenty of fuel for his trips!

Jeff did not want the smell of fuel in his enclosed trailer.