Ivanko 7-Hole Colored Rubber EZ-Lift Olympic 20 kg Blue Plate


Ivanko’s rubber E-Z Lift® plate is just one example of starting with good ideas from the past and coming up with something better. We designed this plate with more grip holes to make it easier to pick up, and therefore safer. And we kept it round for very good reasons that have stood the test of time: ease of use and exercise safety. Finally, we covered this plate with our own proprietary rubber formulation which makes it softer on equipment and easier to grip without slipping. Our unique rubber curing process also means no offensive smell in the air.

Accurate Weight.
Unique Curing Process prevents offensive smell.
In black and in color.
Available in 45 lb., 35 lb., 25 lb. sizes.
Companion 10 lb, 5 lb., & 2.5 lb. sizes available without grip holes. See IRUBO Line.

Weight44.75 lbs
Dimensions20 × 20 × 3 in