Single Utility Jug Rack Package Deal

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Utility Jug Racks are lockable (lock is not included) and come with a retaining pin when lock is not used. U-bolts for 3″ X 3″ square tube included. Powder coated gloss white. One piece welded construction for durability.Racks can be cross mounted or side mounted to accommodate side crank style jack.

This Package Deal comes complete with a GLOSS WHITE Single Utility Jug Rack, 1 BLUE Jaz Jug and mounting U-bolts. Hoses are NOT included so be sure to add if needed.

U-Bolt UPGRADE Pack to accommodate 3″ x 5″ trailer frame available. If you need longer U-bolts to fit a 3″ X 5″ frame add the U-Bolt Upgrade Pack.

Please check your state laws regarding transportation of fuel.

California Residents can purchase Jaz Jugs but they cannot be used for transporting fuel or used for storage of fuel.

Check your local city laws before purchasing the Jaz Jug since the laws are changing every day.

Weight29 lbs
Dimensions11 × 11 × 20 in